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National Speaking

Katherine Freund, Social Entrepreneur for Senior Mobility

The founder of the Independent Transportation Network®(ITN), and founder and President of ITNAmerica®. Katherine has a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy from the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She Chaired the Task Force to Study the Safe Mobility of Maine's Aging Population, served on the Advisory Committee for the 2005 White House Conference on Aging and as a National Transit Institute Fellow. She has served for eleven years on the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on the Safe Mobility of Seniors where she Chairs the Joint Subcommittee on Transportation Options for Seniors. Recently, she became a member of the Maine Senior Driver Safety Coalition.

katherine freund keynote speaker at the Deaconness Vital Signs Forum December 2009

Katherine is a 2012 Ashoka Fellow. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the "12 People Who Are Changing Your Retirement," and on CNN's "Breakthrough Women" series.  She has received AARP's Inspire Award, the Maxwell Pollack Award from the Gerontological Society of America, and the Social Enterprise Alliance award for Leadership in Innovative Enterprise Ideas. Katherine is also the recipient of the Archstone Award for Excellence in Program Innovation from the American Public Health Association, and the Giraffe Award for sticking her neck out for the common good.

Katherine has participated in more than 150 national and international panels and conference sessions on alternative transportation for older people. Katherine has been an invited speaker in Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, England, Switzerland and Taiwan. She lives in Portland, Maine, and has two adult children.

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Selected Topics

  • Development of Alternative Transportation for Seniors
  • Leadership in Innovative Enterprise Ideas
  • How Adult Children Can Help Their Aging Parents Transition to the Passenger Seat
  • Successful Aging Through Independent Mobility
  • A Unified Approach to Senior Mobility: Policy
  • What Mobility Means to Seniors
  • ITNAmerica and the Independent Transportation Network ®: A Scalable Model
  • Automobile-Based Alternative Transportation
  • An Entrepreneurial Approach to Sustainable Senior Mobility
  • How Two Entrepreneurial Area Agencies on Aging Helped Launch the Nation's First National Nonprofit Transportation Service for Seniors
  • Meeting the Transportation Needs of Older Persons through Social Entrepreneurship
  • How to Assess Your Community for Independent Transportation Network® Development
  • Finding Extraordinary Volunteer Drivers in 'Extra-Ordinary' Ways
  • Driving Transitions, Consequences and Transportation Alternatives Among Older Adults
  • Surviving Without Driving: Creating Sustainable Transit for Seniors

Katherine's Publications

  • "Aging, Mobility and the Model T: Approaches to Smart Community Transportation," Generations, 34(3): 76-81. Freund and Vine, 2010
  • "Dignified Transportation for Seniors". CCQ Capital Commons Quarterly, 2(2): 13-16. Freund, 2008
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