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Below are some testimonials from customers of ITN.

"I get to places on time. It is safe. I feel less handicapped, less like baggage."

- Female Customer, age 64

"I feel more independent. I feel that I have more contacts and friends than before. ITN is a class act!"

- Female Customer, age 81

"I am very happy with the service. I am getting out daily, meeting friends for lunches, and seeing my doctors on a regular basis. Just as good as if I was driving. Have already given out brochures to everyone. [I appreciate] not having to depend on friends, family, and their schedule."

- Female Customer, age 63

"I had a healthier winter last year due to not having to stand and wait for the bus."

- Male Customer, age 40

"I am able to go to appointments and functions that I could not have gotten to otherwise, all of them extremely important. ITN is a vital service."

- Female Customer, age 80

"I have regained more independence with this excellent service."

- Female Customer, age 89

"It makes me feel independent. I love the service and don't have to ask family and friends for rides."

- Female Customer, age 89

"I can go to places where I couldn't go before and I know that I can depend on the service I get from the people at ITN. The drivers are always safe drivers and are very personable."

- Female Customer, age 74

"I find comfort in knowing I can maintain my life style using ITN transportation."

- Female Customer, age 88

"I've made new friends and everyone at ITN goes out of their way to be helpful. For me, this is invaluable."

- Female Customer, age 71

"The drivers are like family. One of the smartest things I've done is call ITN."

- Female Customer, age 83