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Founder and President

Katherine Freund

Katherine has a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy from the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

She served on the Advisory Committee for the 2005 White House Conference on Aging and National Transit Institute Fellow. Currently, she serves on the Transportation Research Board's Committee on the Safe Mobility of Seniors and chairs TRB's Joint Subcommittee on Transportation Options for Seniors.

In 2009, Katherine was named an AARP Inspire Award Honoree, and in February 2008, she was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of "12 People Who Are Changing Your Retirement.". Katherine received the 2006 Maxwell Pollack Award from the Gerontological Society of America, a 2006 award for Leadership in Innovative Enterprise Ideas from the Social Enterprise Alliance, the 2004 Archstone Award for Excellence in Program Innovation from the American Public Health Association, and a 1998 Giraffe Hero Commendation, given to people who stick their necks out for the common good.

Her publications include:

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In addition to 14 National Transit Institute Workshops, Katherine has participated in more than 150 national and international panels, conference sessions, and speaking engagements on alternative transportation for seniors. Her international speaking engagements have taken her to Australia, Canada, Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan to present ITN abroad.

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