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A community transportation initiative for rural and small communities

For more than 20 years, the Independent Transportation Network has provided door-through-door and arm-through-arm transportation for older people and people with visual impairments. Using both paid and volunteer drivers, ITN provides rides 24/7 in private automobiles, and it is does not rely on taxpayer dollars. Over the years, many small and rural communities have reached out to ITN to expand service to their older or visually impaired residents. Now there may be a way to offer ITN’s innovative programs to communities of every size. 

Features and Benefits

  • Includes all of ITN’s innovative, award winning programs
  • Is inexpensive for any small or rural government or non-profit
  • Offers an on-line learning system and ride coordination software
  • May be run with volunteers or paid staff
  • Allows communities to set fares and hours of service
  • Connects local communities into a national network of peers

How will it work?
The new approach for rural and small communities is called ITNCountry. There are several proposed differences between the original ITN and the rural model, all designed to reduce costs and to use technology to create an efficient, connected system. 

  • The original ITN is an entirely separate non-profit organization, but ITNCountry can be a program within another organization.
  • The original ITN guarantees a ride 24/7 for any purpose, while ITNCountry service parameters will be established by the local communities.
  • Because small, rural community programs often run with little or no paid staff, ITNCountry will be designed to run with only volunteers, if that is what the community chooses to do.
  • Another proposed difference will be how ITNCountry communities learn how to run the service. ITN is building a large on-line learning community where all of ITN’s innovative programs are taught and supported.

What ITN programs are included with the new model?
With all of these differences, what is proposed to stay the same? The important stuff—all of ITN’s award winning programs, including;

  • CarTrade
  • Transportation Social Security
  • Ride & Shop
  • Healthy Miles
  • Ride Services
  • Personal Transportation Accounts

Want to learn more about ITNCountry?
If you or your community would like to learn more, please contact Katherine Freund or call 207-591-6926.